K. B. Wealth

K. B. Wealth is a UK residential property sourcing service for investors based both in the UK and overseas focusing on the buy-to-let sector of the market in and around Greater London.

Our objective is to creative passive income for our clients by utilising our extensive knowledge and strong robust relationships within the property sector to maximise on yield and profit.

As a company, we strongly focus on wealth creation and we are constantly strategizing to make sure we deliver an unrivalled service to each customer.

How We Work

Our sole focus is on properties that generate a percentage yield of approximately 7% or higher on your investment. To achieve this, we only work with cash buyers as this helps secure the best possible price on a property therefore we already have a brilliant head start.

We only work with trusted, professional surveyors, estate agents, solicitors and management companies who are experts in the market. We have built fruitful relationships with each and every one of our contacts to ensure a smooth operation from start to finish.

For this reason, we recommend our clients let their properties through our trusted partners as they have all been hand-picked due to previous experience of their consistent professional service and offer these fantastic services with pre-negotiated low fees. By taking our recommendation of these partners, it will save you time which you would have to use searching the thousands of websites, back and forth with estate agents, booking and planning surveyors and meeting management companies.