K. B. Wealth

K. B. Wealth is a UK residential property sourcing service for investors based both in the UK and overseas focusing on the buy-to-let sector of the market in and around Greater London.

Our objective is to creative passive income for our clients by utilising our extensive knowledge and strong robust relationships within the property sector to maximise on yield and profit.

As a company, we strongly focus on wealth creation and we are constantly strategizing to make sure we deliver an unrivalled service to each customer.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are where we, as a company, invest alongside the investor into a project whether it is a straight buy-to-let or a renovation. K. B. Wealth are a cash rich company and we are always seeking great opportunities that are highly profitable and to increase our property portfolio.

The benefits of entering into a joint venture are that you can diversify your portfolio by just dipping your toes in the market to test the water. This can also provide you with confidence in the company as we believe strongly this is a faultless structure and are happy to put our money where our mouth is. You are also investing with experts knowing you have a tried, tested and proven formula.