K. B. Wealth

K. B. Wealth is a UK residential property sourcing service for investors based both in the UK and overseas focusing on the buy-to-let sector of the market in and around Greater London.

Our objective is to creative passive income for our clients by utilising our extensive knowledge and strong robust relationships within the property sector to maximise on yield and profit.

As a company, we strongly focus on wealth creation and we are constantly strategizing to make sure we deliver an unrivalled service to each customer.

luxury Short Lets

Whether you’re staying in London for a couple of weeks or a few months, with a short let you can enjoy the privacy and home comforts – your home away from home.

If you are a private individual or corporate association looking for short term accommodation for your employees, K. B. Wealth have a wide-spread portfolio of luxury short-let apartments available ranging from studios to four-bed apartments in and around London, UK.

We understand the difficulty of finding the combination of a luxury apartment under a short-term let agreement. If you are simply between one home to the next and need somewhere to stay for a few months for that in between period or you are travelling to a new city for work or pleasure but want the comforts of your home, we can help you chose the right place that suits you.