K. B. Wealth

K. B. Wealth is a UK residential property sourcing service for investors based both in the UK and overseas focusing on the buy-to-let sector of the market in and around Greater London.

Our objective is to creative passive income for our clients by utilising our extensive knowledge and strong robust relationships within the property sector to maximise on yield and profit.

As a company, we strongly focus on wealth creation and we are constantly strategizing to make sure we deliver an unrivalled service to each customer.

Rent to Rent

K. B. Wealth is a UK based residential property sourcing service focusing on buy-to-let and rent-to-rent sectors of the market. We source properties internationally, focusing on key cities in Europe; London, Paris, Geneva, Stockholm and Oslo to name a few.

The rent-to-rent sector of the market is an exciting opportunity for landlords for many reasons. One of the most desirable and beneficial factors is guaranteed rent for the landlord for the duration of the contract (usually 3 years). To the landlord that means for three years they will have no empty periods, no missed or late payments, no tenant queries or management and internal condition of their property is maintained; all of which provides the landlord with peace of mind and security.

In addition to all the beneficial factors above, K. B. Wealth offer the landlord 7% of the profit made each year from the property. This is paid as a lump sum at the end of each year dated the start of the contract.

Real example:

Covent Garden – Average room rents out for £1,400pcm

2 bedroom property – landlord asking for £2,750pcm

We will change the reception room to a 3rd bedroom
3 bedroom property – now generating £4,200pcm

In one year, the profit made is £17,400. The landlord is paid £1,218 (7% of the profit)